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Please call 559-226-2750 to request a counseling appointment.
Your first appointment will be considered an intake session, where you and a therapist will discuss your needs and concerns for the purpose of determining a plan for treatment.
Session Fee
Our session fee is $95.00 per hour.
Our policy is to collect fees at the time of service. We accept cash, check or credit card.
Insurance billing is done by clients or their parent or guardian. We supply a “Super-Bill” upon request for services rendered.
We request a 24-hour notice of cancellation for any session. Thank you.

For Prayer Ministry Appointments or Ministry Team Consultations please call 559-226-2750 to schedule an appointment with our ministry staff.

There is a fee for service of $60 for each session to help provide support for our ministry staff.

Kingdom Ministries
Marci Kingdom Ministries
Cathy Crosby, M.Div
Marci Bertalotto, M.A., M.Div.


If this is your first appointment:

  • It is considered a one-hour intake session to hear your concerns so we are able to determine the nature of your needs and how we can help to meet them.
  • It will include 2 of our ministry staff who are there to listen and pray.
  • You may include a non-family member who is or may be interested in being part of your ongoing support team.  Preferably this is someone from your primary faith community who potentially will serve as part of your Ministry Support Team (MST).
    Additional Monthly Appointments
    If it is recommended that additional ministry appointments are needed these will be scheduled on a monthly basis with one or two of our ministry staff and must include at least one other person from your support team.  Our primary purpose is to equip others in the Body of Christ and particularly those whom God has called to be a significant part of your life.  We will provide training and support for those you choose to be part of your Ministry Support Team (MST).  Monthly consultations and support from Kingdom Ministries is contingent upon the willingness and consistency of your MST to meet a minimum of twice a month for ministry apart from regular monthly appointments at Kingdom Ministries.


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