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Ministry Training Courses

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Ministry Training Courses like this are offered at the Kingdom Ministries’ office throughout the year.  The 6-week courses are designed to equip, minister and provide ongoing support to those who attend.

To equip the members of Christ’s Body for ministry to those in need.

To minister by creating a setting where people in need can receive prayer and personal ministry.

To provide ongoing support by linking those in need with those equipped in the Body who are part of a local church where they can receive ongoing ministry and discipleship.

To provide ongoing support by forming Ministry Support Teams (MST) from those who complete the training and are willing to serve as part of their church’s ministry to those in need.

To provide ongoing support through repeat or advanced training and free consultations for MSTs with experienced staff coaches as needed. 

Each trainee and prayer recipient has the assistance of one of our staff coaches each night of the training course.  

For the first hour and a half, we have worship and instruction/training for personal ministry.  In the second hour and a half, the trainees are dismissed along with a staff coach.  Together they disperse into four separate offices to meet with those who arrive separately to receive prayer.


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